Starlight 2017 - Starlight Budapest International Film Festival

03.10 - 07.10 2017, Budapest, Hungary

Starlight BUDAPEST International Film Festival is an annual event, which takes place in October. It is a celebration of creative spirit and independent thinking. The festival is a competition where filmmakers from all around the globe showcase their films, which are unique in terms of cinematography, storytelling, independent spirit and philosophy.

Budapest is a city of cinematography and creativity, a place with rich culture and history. Our festival screens selected short and feature films and also organizes workshops, master classes and seminars. The grand opening of the festival and the awards ceremony will be spectacular events. The award of our festival is the Golden Pegasus – a symbol of poetry, inspiration.

Budapest is a beautiful city on the bank of Danube, centre of Europe and European culture.

Starlight is the perfect venue for visionary filmmakers to present their work to the public and to the film professionals.

We are open to film projects made with any budget or without a budget at all. Now with fast advances in film technology, filmmaking is becoming more and more accessible to artists with a limited budget. We want to give a chance to people with new ideas and sense of beauty, to those who are not afraid of experiments.

Please, submit your short or feature films of any genre and a team of film professionals will view them.